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Our landscaping company offers full landscaping services like outdoor design, new plants, transplanting of existing plants, and removal of any unwanted plants. We have the plant professionals you need to create your dream garden and combine it with your landscape.

Adding landscaping lights give your home a splash of color. Just by using the landscape lights, you not only add security to your home but add style and beauty. The landscape design is up to you. Outdoor lighting can brighten the darker areas in your yard and make it easier to see the steps in your landscape. To improve the beauty of your garden area.

 Landscaping Design

It is the face of your home or office, and landscaping is what makes your backyard stand out. There is simply no substitute for a beautiful and well-designed landscaped yard. Stone pathways to embellish your garden or feeding pond. Privacy trees to offer shade, privacy, and the perfect natural complement to the decor of your outdoor living space.

Landscaping and hardscaping are also an investment in your home. They can make those afternoons outside more enjoyable, and create a beautiful living space for you and all your visitors. The good news is, there are many landscaping options, from lighting to stonework, and more to help you create the ideal landscape for your home or business.

Landscaping Options

Another wonderful aspect of landscaping is the abundance of options, ideas, and creative paths we can take. From lighting to stonework, privacy trees or fencing, and much more, there are countless options for landscaping ideas.

Outdoor lighting is an often overlooked aspect of landscaping and one of the most important. In addition to helping illuminate your beautifully designed outdoor living space so you and your guests can enjoy the evenings outside, it also provides safety. From helping people avoid landscaping obstructions to seeing at night, lighting adds more than beauty to your perfect outdoor living space.

At A&S Outdoors we specialize in landscaping services, and we are a professional stone paver, too. Need privacy trees? Yes, we can help. If you can imagine your perfect outdoor space, then we can help you create it, and that is the beauty of landscaping.


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Let A&S help you design and install the perfect patio for your yard or office lot.


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Direct foot traffic can add beauty to your landscape with beautiful and professionally laid stone pathways.

Retaining Walls

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Create a polished and beautiful retaining wall and use the natural hills and patterns of your yard or office lot.

Pieces for Water Gardens and Decorative Stonework

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Add color, beauty, and character to your pathways, water gardens, or anywhere within your landscape design with water garden pieces and decorative stonework from A&S Outdoors.

Stone Paver Services

One of the most beautiful and versatile landscaping options is stones. Stones can work for simple design features, pathways, or even as dividers. Working with a professional for stone paver installation like A&S Outdoors will help you to bring the vision of your dream outdoor living space to life.

A&S Outdoors for All Your Landscaping Needs

If you live in or around Thompson's Station, TN, and you would like to give your yard or business a facelift, then A&S Outdoors can help. Contact us for more information or to begin planning your next landscaping project today.

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Are you looking for a local landscaping professional in Spring Hill, TN who can design and install at a fair price?

You have come to the right place! At A&S Outdoors, we are here to make your life easier when it comes to selecting and creating your landscaping design. We offer excellent professional landscaping service. Our landscaping specialists will ensure that your new landscaping look its absolute best, and they will do this by taking care of all of the required preparation steps and by making sure that the plan is done correctly. We understand that you will be hiring a landscaping professional, so we make it our priority to provide the highest quality service.

For more information on our design and building services or to schedule an appointment contact us today for a free quote. At A&S Outdoors TN, we look forward to taking care of all your landscaping needs in Spring Hill, Thompsons Station, Franklin, Murfreesboro, TN, and surrounding area.

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We have a team of dedicated, professional, and experienced landscape installers and designers and lawn technicians passionate about delivering the best for our clients. You’ll appreciate our passion once your project is completed.
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Landscaping is an important investment for you. Caring for your landscape is like caring for your vehicle or home. This is because a well-maintained landscape adds value to a property.
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Our company exists because of you. This is the message we keep reminding our team. All our operations are geared towards the satisfaction of our customers. We’ll treat your landscape and property with utmost respect, attention, and care. We appreciate feedback from our customers so we can know how satisfied they are.
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Being a family-owned business, we strive to protect our business’ images and even that of our family. That’s why we’ll go above and beyond to keep our promises. When you hire us, we’re 100% sure that you’ll be satisfied with our level of sensitivity and attention to your needs.
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The security and safety of our team and customers are critical. We are an insured company, meaning our team, property, and even your family are protected during our building. We also use modern equipment and technology to enhance safety and a better service on the sites where we are working. They also undergo regular training to upgrade their skills. If you have an upcoming landscaping project, call us so we can plan together your next dream project.

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