How To Get The Most Out Of Your Landscape 

Whether you're planning a new landscape or making a few changes to your current one, you want to maximize your outdoor living space. The trick to getting the most out of your landscape is to follow a few basic principles. 

Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space 

First, create a base map of the space you have to work with. This could be a bubble diagram, which will help you visualize the different areas and their intended uses. Once you have your base plan, start brainstorming different ideas for the space. This will give you an idea of what works best in your space and where you may need to compromise. For example, if your lot has a beautiful tree or a pond, you might want to design the space around these features and emphasize them with a seating area or other amenities. This will also make the space more appealing to potential buyers in the future. 

Add Good Vegetation 

Using vegetation to create interesting visual interest in your landscape is one of the best ways to maximize your outdoor living space. Besides adding color and texture to your yard, vegetation can provide shelter, food, and a source of oxygen for birds and animals. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is what types of plants will thrive in your area and how much water will be needed to maintain them. This will help you choose which plants are most likely to succeed, and which ones might be left on the curb for good. 

Landscaping Ideas 

Smart landscaping can boost your curb appeal and re-energize your outdoor space. Whether you want to add color, texture or functionality, there's a design strategy for every yard. One of the most impressive landscaping ideas we've seen is incorporating a "green" wall or path into your landscape. It's a great way to enhance your yard while providing some fun activities for kids and adults alike. 

Landscaping Designs/ Layouts 

A well-designed landscape will transform your outdoor space into a retreat where you can relax, entertain, or tend to your garden. It will also help you use your space more efficiently, reduce your maintenance costs, and increase the value of your home. The first step in designing a beautiful landscape is choosing a theme that unifies your yard and helps guide plant and hardscape selections. A theme can be as simple as using consistent shapes or forms throughout your yard or as complex as creating a relaxation garden or an Oriental Garden. Plant texture can also be important in establishing a harmonious design. For example, a coarse texture may make one bedding plant stand out from the next while a fine texture will allow for the same plant to blend into its surroundings. 

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