How To Choose The Right Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There are several different types of outdoor lights to choose from. Understanding their benefits to your outdoor landscape can help you discern the best lighting fixture for your needs. 

Path Lighting 

A well-lit path and garden highlights the beauty of your landscape at night. It also helps keep you and your guests safe on your property. It can also increase curb appeal, which is one of the best benefits of installing outdoor lighting fixtures. You can show off the flower beds you've worked on all summer, a new patio, or other decorative features. 


Illuminating your home makes it less of a target for vandalism and burglary because a criminal can see the outside of your property before they approach it. Moreover, landscape lighting helps to illuminate entry points, like doors and windows, so that a potential burglar is not able to sneak into your house unnoticed. 

Flood Lighting 

Flood lighting is an effective way to illuminate a wide area, like a driveway or parking lot. It's also helpful for security purposes. Some flood lights have motion sensors that automatically turn on when they sense movement. These can be useful for home security, and they're often less expensive to operate than traditional flood lights. 

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is a subtle way to enhance your most beloved decor items and objects. These include sentimental ornaments, children’s artwork, feature walls, and more. Sconces, tube lights, or spotlights are often used to shine on paintings, sculptures, staircases and outside walkways. It helps to accentuate these pieces and make them more noticeable, especially when viewed from a distance. 


Adding sconces to your outdoor landscape can be one of the most effective ways to light up your yard and add character. Sconces come in a wide variety of styles, including traditional, modern, and rustic designs. Before purchasing wall sconces for your home, consider how you plan to use them and their placement. For example, if you’re looking for a way to illuminate your patio or backyard, recessed sconces may be the best choice. These fixtures require hard-wiring, but they’re also a lot less expensive than their battery-powered counterparts. 

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